Clarity Amidst Uncertainty

Quarantine is hard. The COVID-19 coronavirus is scary. Life looks so different for so many of us. We are all trying to navigate a strange, new reality: no school, no get-togethers, no working out of the house, no casual dinners out, no quick trips to the mall, the list goes on.

It's too early to tell how bad the virus will hit our community. We don't know yet if our measures to distance ourselves from all.the.things is enough to bend the curve. Only time will tell the widespread toll this pandemic will have, so we just have to wait.

Wait with hope.
Wait in prayer.
Wait with grace.
Wait in awareness.
Wait with intention.
Wait in appreciation.
Wait with patience.
Wait in sympathy.
Wait with care.
Wait in community.
Wait with love.

Never have we been asked to do so much by doing so little. And hopefully soon, we'll get to gather with our friends again, and celebrate our survival with big hugs. We will have a new perspective, and we will never forget the time when we settled down and embraced the sacred task of taking care of each other.

Until then, we wish you health, wellness, and peace during these hard and humbling days. Remember, you are not alone.

Love from quarantine,

Holly and Jenn

Holly and Jenn