New Year + New Word!!


Happy New Year!! How did we get to 2024?!? 

Today, as I reflect back on 2023 and all of the ways I stretched and stabilized, along with a milestone birthday, I feel nothing but gratitude, and frankly amazement, that I got here. So much of it seems a blur. 

So...looking into this next year, I plan to be better at recording allthethings. Here are the priorities on my mind and in my heart: 
  • Fostering relationships
  • Prioritizing health
  • Planning adventures
  • Recording the moments
  • Learning new things
  • Writing more blog posts
  • Finishing my work in progress
Which brings me to this year's word. It's simple, straightforward, and packs a punch. 


Feel free to play along.

Happy New Year!! What’s your one word?


#oneword2024 #keepingitmessy #itwasthebestoftimes

Holly and Jenn