Empty Nesting Coping


Last year, when Logan left for college, we decided to get a new kitten. 

This year, when Noah left for college, we decided to get a new kitchen.

Projects give purpose. They're a great distraction. When you have to empty ALLTHEDRAWERSANDCABINETS, it takes your mind of your (mostly)-empty nest. Each little step takes time. Each decision is utterly important: lay-out, style, color, tone, stone, paint, knobs, pulls, etc. etc. etc. Each requires more mental energy.

So, the search has started for (duh, duh, duh...) backsplash. Wish me luck. 

I'll share before/after photos once the madness is done. By then, my kitchen will be beautiful and my heart will have settled into the new feel of our family. 

Happy Fall Y'all! #keepitmessy



Holly and Jenn