Pitch Madness...But It's Oh So Fun!!

The Princess doesn't want to be royal. Funny she thinks it's her choice. The Prince wants to fix it all. He should start with his demon issue. The Keepers should've kept them apart. These four will either save the world . #PitMad #YA #F #R

Sometimes you're born in an outer realm, hidden on earth, spellbound from your powers, and no one tells you. Then one day you fall in love and all hell breaks loose. Literally. Because your families are enemies and have been at war for a millennia. #PitMad #YA #F #R

Emily and John have been hidden in the Vale all their lives so they have no idea they're really heirs to opposing realms. That's gonna mess up their relationship. Will one of them abdicate the throne for love, or will they go to war? The realms vote war. Damn. #PitMad #YA #F #R

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Happy writing, writerly friends. 2021 is your year!
Holly and Jenn