National Novel Writing Month is almost here!! Again, we're taking advantage of the NaNoWriMo campaign to put some finishing touches on our joint project - The Vale and I'm hoping to complete the first draft of my new YA ghost story.

I already have close to 45,000 words in my first draft and to finish, I hope to get to around 80,000 words. So when I do the math, I need to write roughly 1200 words/day, around 10 pages. That feels like A LOT!

Again, some of our critique group friends are joining in the fun so we get to share the creative energy of the writing process. I know we're going to LOVE their stories!

If you're curious at all, visit to get more information and inspired. It's and AMAZING conglomeration of talent and motivation.

Wish us luck on NaNoWriMo2022!! 

#keepitcreative #keepitmessy

{J & H}
Holly and Jenn