Meet John

Imagining John, our 17 year old male lead and second POV. His deep cerulean eyes and his heart of a lion pull Emily in. He's also the reason she get's kidnapped and stolen to the enemy realm. He'll have to break all the ancient rules to find her. He'll have to stay alive too. Small sacrifice for love.

#John #theprince #lionheart #allthefeels

Holly and Jenn

Meet Emily

This is who we imagine when writing our lead, Emily. She's 16, a resilient empath with an overprotective mother, and she's about to find out who she really is. Then she'll have to decide who she wants to be. Choices are everything. 

#Emily #thesparrow #theunexpectedsavior #thevale

Holly and Jenn

Meet Finn

This is who we see as Finn, the Messenger. He's been 20 for 300 years, give or take. So he knows a thing or two about the realms. But will he be able to do the one job he was tasked with? Or will he miss something so big it'll change the course of the realms? 

#Finn #themessenger #bringingbackthetrenchcoat  

Holly and Jenn