Sometimes It's OK to Run Away From Your Children

Self-care sometimes means you need too clock out of your parenting job. We tell our children to use their voices, set boundaries, don't be pushed around. Well, guess what? Those life skills apply to parents too.

In Episode 5, we talk about writing conferences, school drop-off, and other parenting wins.


Holly and Jenn

What Happens When You Go Two Weeks Without Your Person...The Minisodo

So last Friday, Holly and I hadn’t seen each other in two weeks. Sure, we’d talked on the phone but we hadn’t had any face-to-face time since before I went on retreat. And nothing quite satisfies the need for writing/girl time than a Friday night creating-planning-podcasting session that begins at BLK Burgerz.

I should mention, I was a little hesitant about going to BLK that night. It is a regular spot for our week-end recaps (and recovery, if you know what I’m referring to), but last Friday was different. Because that day, my 16-yo son was working at our favorite watering hole. 

Yep, Logan is a new bus boy at BLK and for about 16 seconds, I wondered if going to BLK would somehow encroach on his space, interrupt his work mojo, or God forbid, embarrass him.

And then I thought, “Wait, BLK was ours before it was his!” And Holly and I agreed we’d just pretend we didn’t know him. Unless he wanted us to know him?!? (When did parenting become so complicated?)

Anyway, we proudly walked into our favorite local spot, completely refrained from any eye contact, (even though we saw him, confused look and all), and proceeded to our regular booth. 

There we planned TWO summer writing conferences, sent a couple emails to writerly folks, downloaded all the details from our two retreats - we went to Forest Home separate weekends with our separate churches but guess what? Jesus was there for both!

We also  discussed LOTS of other stuff, and enjoyed a delish meal. Logan even checked in on us a few times. Maybe he wasn’t too embarrassed after all. 

Afterwards, we podcasted on our way to pick up her son Josh/drop me at home. We didn’t mean to. We were just going to record a memo for another episode. Ooops.

So, if you haven't heard already, we’d like to introduce...

Our first accidental MINISODO!! (Yes. That’s what we’re calling it. We renamed minosode cuz we’re unique. And big thumbs.) Thanks to all our friends and family for listening along and sharing. Our podcast is now available on SEVEN platforms...WOOHOO!

We hope you enjoy! And stop by BLK soon and say "HI" to our favorite new employed teen!

Happy Friday!!


Jenn and Holly

Holly and Jenn

Dream Boarding and Prayer

Hi everyone! In my last post I mentioned washi-taping my dream board. It was really brought back so many memories of creating boards like these in junior high. Did any of you do this? Sitting around with Seventeen, Tiger Beat, and probably some of my mom's Good Housekeeping magazines. Cutting out all the things that I loved or wanted or dreamed of becoming. It was scrapbooking onto a bulletin board.

I would add pictures of my friends that I had taken to my local Kodak developing place (Gesslar's Drug Store in Wichita, Kansas) and then WAIT A WHOLE WEEK or more to get them back! Slumber party pictures, riding our bikes to the park, or just taking candid photos at school. I'd sit in my room with all of them spread out on the floor, picking out the ones that weren't blurry or where we all weren't blinking or making a weird face. Whew! Our kids HAVE NO IDEA how good they have it. Everything now is instant. In some ways that's probably not good, but that is another post.

Anyway, this time was a little different. It wasn't about that cute guy in Tiger Beat (Rob Lowe anyone?) or the latest makeup or fashion in Seventeen, but it sparked something in me that I hadn't felt it years. I almost felt twelve again. It was FREEDOM. The space to create whatever I wanted and write down whatever words and thoughts and scripture that came into my head. With no limits of what NEEDED to happen or obligations or thought of what other people needed FROM me. It was all about being in that moment and letting myself JUST BE

It started with a Holy Yoga class taught by my wonderfully awesome friend Brooke. She is amazing and doing exactly what God has called her to do. She led us in a prayer starting with Ephesians 3:20.

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us." Eph 3:20

She encouraged us to write down any thoughts or ideas that crept into our minds as we relaxed and  meditated on those words. Of course since writing is my jam I probably spent more time writing down words and ideas than I actually did meditating on the verse. My paper was completely full after the 45 minutes and I was anxious to put everything on the board in black and white. She provided paper, pens, lots of washi tape (washi tape would have been AMAZING back in 1982), and then gave us the space and time we needed to create whatever our hearts were calling us to. She led us in prayer before we dove in and a room of fifteen women became quiet with contemplation. It was marvelous.

Prayers for my husband and kids came to me first. Then each Fruit of the Spirit. Then my ultimate dream of write and publish the book that we have been working on. I saw it so clearly and wrote it in big bold letters right next to the scripture that promises that He can provide more than we can possibly imagine. Wow. Cuz I can imagine A LOT.

I am here to encourage you to take the step and get a board and take the time to sit with it and think about what is ahead for you? Where do you want to go? Where do you see yourself in the next year? Another great thing is the board can morph and change as you do. Goals get bigger, ideas go wider, prayers change as kids and marriages grow. As you grow.

Also made available to us were books about prayers and quotes and stories. Listen to this...

"She designs a life full of dreams only one can fulfill. She finds value in being His instead of being busy. Her passion is contagious. She measures herself in strength, not pounds. She trusts the struggle and breathes in the joy of the journey. Her story is one to be heard. She runs from comparison into the arms of confidence. She turns her back on perfection and she chooses grace." 

-Jenn Sprinkle, Thirty one days of Prayer for the Dreamer and the Doer.

I think I've taken a picture of this saying ten times in the last week to send to friends to encourage them and build them up. It's so RAD!

So, now it's time to encourage you, our faithful readers! I say these things to you: Your story is one to be heard! Choose GRACE. Move into this season with a place where you can record your ideas, write down your thoughts, hopes and dreams and spend time thinking about them and bringing them into reality. It's powerful stuff and sometimes we all need a little boost of motivation to chase after those things our heart longs for. It will take some work, but we are here to support and cheer each other on!

Love, {H}

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

Holly and Jenn

Netflix, La Croix and Forgetting All the Words

Hi friends,

In episode 3, we discuss our La Croix addiction, binge-worthy shows, parenting techniques (some even work), and forget a word or two. But what do you expect after 7 p.m.

Thanks for listening along. Please keep sending us messages letting us know what you'd like to hear about. #keepitmessy #teen-parenting #amwriting #createit

See you soon!

Holly and Jenn

Bubbles, Racism and Periods

Hi friends,

We are really thankful for the outpouring of support of our first podcast episode. It's been fun for Holly and I to hear from so many followers about what you want to know and hear about. 

Today, we reflect on the disturbing and racist actions of some teenagers in Newport Beach. We also talk about the glories of middle-age periods. And don't miss our little chat about the book...the reason behind us being here in the first place. :)

Please let us know what you'd like to hear about. #keepitmessy #racismisneverok #myuterushatesme
Holly and Jenn

Coming to You From Our Mobile Recording Studio: Episode 1

Hi friends,

Remember when we talked about starting a podcast? Well, we finally got it up and running. Here's episode 1. Please let us know what you'd like to hear about. #keepitmessy #b-parenting #amwriting #createit

See you soon!

Holly and Jenn