Passion for Pinning, Anyone?

You guys, have you been on Pinterest lately? A couple weeks ago, I spent quite some time perusing Pinterest (I was sick, that's a valid excuse, right?) and oh-to-the-em-to-the-gee...PINTEREST IS AWESOME!! I am aware that this isn't breaking news, it's just that I had forgotten the mood-enhancing qualities of pretty pictures and happy memes. I'm truly SAD that my kids are out of elementary school and I don't have the need for creative crafts and holiday inspiration like I used to. But now I realize that nothing good can come of me neglecting the beauty and joy that exist on Pinterest.

So, if you haven't visited the wonderful world of everything pretty and inspiring, please do so very soon. Here are some of my favorite finds of my recent journey:

Don't you just HAVE to make these for St. Patrick's Day? And check out the blog, Three Kids and a Fish. Cathy's lovely.

Okay, and check out these winter outfits. I'm in love! And's still winter, friends. Even though it was 78 degrees today, I'm holding out hope that El Nino will deliver before the season's through. Because I really want to replicate THIS!

Speaking of the weather, we've been at the beach LOTS. San Clemente is one of our favorite local spots but look at all these other cool beaches across America. If you're planning your Spring Break or Summer vacations, maybe one of these will make it to your list.

And if you don't have time for travel because of your kids' sports schedules, you're not alone. But never underestimate the one sure way to escape without leaving the comfort of your coziest, fireside (or court-side) chair. I ADORE this book challenge!

So you see, Pinterest can sweeten up life, keep you warm on a cold, El Nino (they swear it's coming) day, motivate you to find your happy place, and inspire your literary side, all with a few clicks.

What are your favorite Pinterest finds? Do share.


Holly and Jenn