Perseverance Lead By LOVE

Friends...I will try not to make ALL my posts about writing but it is consuming me at the moment so I'm bringing you on the journey with me (lucky you!) Jenn and I have had many conversations about finding the time to write. Sometimes we can find an extra hour or two throughout the day, in between school, work, homework, chores, errands, etc., but as creative types, we need CREATIVE TIME. That's different that normal time. Creative time allows for our brains to get rid of the extra thoughts of laundry, dinner and our other responsibilities and focus on our STORY. Our lovely story. The one we are gently nurturing to maturity.

As moms, we can't do the things we do without support. Whether it's from our husbands, our kids, our friends, whomever. Without it, our rhythm is off and our souls tire out before we can achieve what we set out to accomplish. Every time we carve out some CREATIVE TIME, we are choosing to forego, or possibly miss out on, something else. When we make writing a priority, we are asking for someone else to pick up the slack. That's the price of our endeavor. And the payoff, even if it isn't a book deal, is greater than we could ask for. It's LOVE.

Our kids LOVE giving us ideas, many of which have made their way into the book. Our husbands LOVE us enough to listen to brain-storming sessions and reading first drafts. Our friends LOVE cheering us on when they run into us while we're working at Cinnimon Productions. And we LOVE the whole creative writing process.

What's the wisdom you can take away? Whatever your back-story is, whatever your passions are, whatever rhythm you are looking for, surround yourself with those people who will give you the encouragement you need. You aren't guaranteed easy success, but you will thrive along the journey as you're lead by LOVE.

Thank you, Mike and Michael, Jake and Bella, Josh and Logan, Ella and Noah, for being our cheerleaders and our biggest fans. We LOVE you.


Holly and Jenn