Anniversary Checklist

Twenty-one years.
Three babies that somehow turned into teenagers.
One beach rental, one condo and two houses.
Two churches. Eight sacraments.
Two Bachelor's degrees; one Master's.
Two school districts; one City.
Four SUVs. Zero minivans.
Two sedans.
Four dogs; only Magic remains.
Four cats; only Columbus remains.
Three bunnies. Thumper's still hopping.
Three snakes. Snakey's still slithering.
Two turtles, both rescued and released.
Too many departed fish to count.
Thousands of books read.
Hundreds of movies viewed.
Innumerable games played.
Seven international vacations.
Dozens of camping trips and domestic adventures.
Thousands of beach days and park visits and play dates.
Block parties, birthday parties, amusement park visits.
Concerts, recitals, Taekwondo tournaments.
School plays, school fundraisers, talent shows.
Arguments, illnesses, bedrest.
A few curse words and several tears.
More apologies and unlimited forgiveness.
Thirteen photo albums and forty-seven pictures framed.
Countless memories with cherished family and friends.
Endless potential for blessings as this well-loved life unfolds.
Happy anniversary, my love.

Holly and Jenn

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