2015...The Year of the Outline

It's a NEW YEAR! 2015! A clean slate. The ultimate refresh button. So what're you gonna do about it? I, for one, will not be intimidated by resolutions and the fear of falling short. I'm going to establish a few solid goals and then really think about what it will take to achieve those goals.

During the last year, I've learned to appreciate the usefullness of outlining. I really used to hate it but as a writer, you MUST embrace the outline. So I have decided to simply apply the outlining model to my 2015 goal-setting. It looks something like this:

GOAL: Limit my Diet Coke consumption

1. When do I most desire a Diet Coke?

A. Morning

B. Afternoon

C. Night

2. When do I feed that desire?

A. Mostly mid-morning, only after drinking a FULL glass of water.

B. Sometimes in the afternoon for a pick-me-up.

C. In the evening if out for a meal. (It's rude to decline refills, that's a real thing.)

3. What can I do to limit/change this unhealthy habit?

A. Nothing. (Except my doctor is watching me so that's probably not an option.)

B. Drink Diet Coke only every other day, and only one. (Hmmm...seems reasonable.)

C. Allow my indulgence only on the weekends. (Ouch! Does Friday count as the weekend?)

D. Research healthier options. (A good idea anyway.)

Okay, I know I've shared my Diet Coke issue with you before...it's my truest and most unrelenting vice. Writing about it here helps me with accountability so thank you. But I won't stop there. I will also outline my plan of attack for other goals like writing and exercising more, nurturing family ties and friendships, and other holistic pursuits. Wish me luck.

Whatever you do on this dawn of the new year, I hope you have a chance to set some goals and pave the way for a productive and fulfilling 2015.

Happy New Year! You're wished health and happiness and love.


Holly and Jenn


  1. soda stream or seltzer, like Le Croix. I stopped, what two years ago? I still drink regular Coke (too much!) but I was able to kick Diet Coke with the help of seltzer.

  2. Thanks, Meg! I'll try anything! I think as soon as I get a new "fix" I'll be fine. Day one is tomorrow. Happy New Year!