Oh Pinterest! I can't get enough of your wonderful ideas! Is there even one bad thing about you? I have planned several vacations to places I've never heard of, put together the perfect home and the perfect outfit, and have lived vicariously through those of you that have put on the greatest Summer BBQ (complete with homemade napkin rings and...a circus tent?) I know that as I spend time gazing at all the lovely things, I am gaining so much knowledge in my time-wasting that it can only be for the betterment of my family. Otherwise they may have never known about "Taco's in a Muffin tin."

AND that there were so many ways to arrange living room furniture (it's a sickness people). It's eye candy and inspiration all in a perfect package! Although MOST of the pictures we see are really quite remarkable, there are those few that make you do a double take. For instance, tattoo pictures (hmmm...), photoshopped pictures of baby faces on animal bodies or vice versa (just weird), and the urinal halloween costume...well, it's creative...

I prefer to use it as a place to store all the things I like, what makes me laugh and what I hope to have, do, make, or to visit someday. There is also the downside. The one-upping mentality. The knowing my pictures will never quite look the same. The knowing that I will never be able to live up to the "Super-Room Mom" craft ideas for my kids' teachers.

Oh well. I think I'm OK with that. The pictures are pretty and sometimes that's all I need. Find our favorites on our Pinterest Boards with the links! What are some of your favorite Pinterest Pics?

Holly and Jenn

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