What's your DREAM weekend getaway?

I'm so excited! Holly and I, with our good friend and writing group partner, Karen, are going away for a GIRLS' weekend! This is so fabulous in so many ways that I can hardly contain myself! It's been a LONG time since I have had a weekend away, and as much as I love my family, (I do, I do, I do!) sometimes it's nice to have a couple days to NOT be anyone's caretaker, to eat my food while it's still warm, to shower without anyone interrupting me, to dress only myself (in cozies all weekend...woohoo!) Can anyone out there relate?

Our adventure will take us to a condo in the desert where the air is clean and the vistas are boldly colored. The setting, fresh and invigorating, will inspire us by day and enchant us by night...it will be the perfect escape. You see, we are going away for a weekend of WRITING! Isn't that wonderful?!? Ok, I know it's not a shopping, dining, drinking, dancing, sun-bathing kind of girls' weekend, but it's exactly what we need.

Finding the time and space to get into our craft and make progress on our projects, isn't easy. But we are diligent and determined to keep at it until we are satisfied that our best work has been achieved, or until the words are all used up, which is, um, never! So we have work to do. Holly and I are working on our novels and Karen is working on her dissertation. (She's a professor of WRITING and she's really smart...you'll meet her someday soon...she's working on a blog of her own.) We plan to enjoy our favorite snacks, lounge in our comfiest sweats, write to our best playlists and indulge in all the creative inspiration we can muster. (And maybe fit in a yummy dinner out and a trip to the outlets.) It's going to be GREAT!

So tell me, if you could do something you love for a weekend with your girlfriends, what would it be?


Holly and Jenn

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