Hi friends. Holly and Jenn here. We have been getting the sweetest messages from wonderful friends like you, checking in on our progress. Almost two months ago, we decided to reign in our vices, namely sugar and Diet Coke, in an effort to feel better and take care of our bodies. ("You're welcome, 50-year-old self.") We appreciate the words of encouragement and love and tips to help us make it through. Truly, we do. So here's how it's been going:

Holly: Well, I'm happy to report that sugar is still my friend. There were days when I hated it and its hold on me. There were some rough days. Days when all I could think about was how I couldn't have that ice cream sandwich or that handful of Hot Tamales that got me through stress or boredom or whatever.

Like the day I took my son to Krispy Kreme to get doughnuts for his birthday and was tortured for the 15 minute ride back to school with 5 boxes of HOT Doughnuts, filling up the car with their delicious scent! I wept all the way home and cursed my ridiculous addiction and really wished my jaw could be wired shut to make it easier! Crazy times.

But now on the other side of it, it has given me focus. I really do love it still (HOT Krispy Kreme doughnuts? I mean come on!) but I don't NEED it now, which I will count as some serious progress. I try to replace my desire to have a sugary snack on a daily basis with my desire to WRITE on a daily basis. When the feeling comes over me for something small and sweet, I give myself permission. If I have given permission already that day, I sit to write about it. It may only be a few sentences or for a few minutes, but it is a welcome distraction from putting something in my mouth. My hips are thanking me and I get closer to achieving my goal of publishing. Now if only I could invent a healthy doughnut...

Jenn: OK...giving up Diet Coke was really hard, at first. REALLY HARD. In fact, I fell off the wagon pretty early on. The interesting thing is, that "slip" didn't send me back to square one. Actually, my bubbly old friend wasn't as fulfilling as I had expected, and that took the sting off the guilt and made it a smidge easier to climb back on that wagon. I went back to giving up Diet Coke with renewed determination.

Then, something else happened. I was given the news that my job was changing. Same work, different department. BIG, scary change! (You can read more about that here.) In the past, that kind of stress would have sent me running for comfort food and my fizzy friend, but I was ok. Instead of focusing on missing my Diet Coke, I was immediately distracted by the job change. It was good. I was strong. Really, I was.

And since then, Diet Coke doesn't have quite the same hold on me. I have even allowed myself one or two, a sort of test of will you could say, and I've performed well. A D.C. every once in a while is just enough of a sweet indulgence to make me smile and it proves that I've come pretty far. That feels good, friends. REALLY GOOD.

So how are you doing with your resolutions? We're cheering you on!


Holly and Jenn


  1. Yay us! I didn't think we'd come this far unscathed. Happy, happy!

  2. You girls are doing great! And, Jenn, your new job sounds exciting. :) xo.