Article from The OC Register 3/22/13

Fitness Craze Piques Curiosity

I am acutely aware of the level of “fitness and health” happening around this town. I feel only partially guilty that I haven’t joined in the “fun” yet.

A few weeks ago my husband, on his way to work at 5am, noticed my neighbor leaving around the same time. Rain or shine, there she was, freezing temps and all. Why you may ask? A boot-camp here in Ladera and the workout starts at 5:15. It must be pretty great because I can’t think of anything short of a crisis with my children or an earthquake that would get me out of my warm bed at that hour. A few of my other neighbors drop their kids off at school like hot potatoes and SPEED to the gym to attempt to get a place in the strength training class. Apparently if you don’t have your name signed in by 7:50am, you have to stand outside the workout room and hope someone will keel over so you can claim their spot. It’s a very popular class.

Juicing is another crazy thing that is sweeping the neighborhood! It’s all the rage. I kind of get it. It’s healthy and tastes pretty good as long as you add pineapple or green apples to the mix of kale, spinach and wheatgrass. But I’m not too sure about the “cleanse” aspect of it. Drink only juice for 7 days?? I think after day one, my family would beg me to eat a muffin just so I wouldn’t hurt anyone. Adding to that, my husband has jumped on this juicing bandwagon. We have a juicer that my in-laws gave us that was “brand new” according to them. When we got it we realized that “brand new” was giving it a little too much credit. It was more like “we bought it 20 years ago and never took it out of the box”. We figured that out when the “instructions for use and cleaning” were on a tape. That’s right, a cassette tape, (for those in their 20’s, please feel free to Google it).

Overall, I know that I need to get motivated to get healthy. I need to get into the NOW. It’s not an easy fix. I will start slow, and although I won’t be up before the sun, you may find me in the produce aisle looking for that perfect mix of green, leafy and sweet. Maybe I’ll even start using modern technology to make that healthy meal.

By the way, does anyone out there have a tape deck? {H}

Holly and Jenn

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