Holly and Jenn Dare to Suck!

We are brave!

We entered our first, ever writing contest! That may not seem like a big deal, but to two girls who really take writing seriously, and worry sometimes that they may not be as good as it takes, this is BIG!

We wanted to share this with you because you help us. You have a way of making us feel like our stories are interesting and that really helps when we're feeling all vulnerable and exposed, like right now. This put-yourself-out-there-for-REAL-writers-to-judge-your-stuff is not easy, but it is necessary. It's the reason we started this blog...to share all of our writing endeavors and experiences, to learn from the great writer-ly types who have paved the way for dreamers like us, and to welcome the advice and criticism (be gentle) that will help us become better story-tellers and recorders of life's priceless moments.

So here we are, daring to suck and oh so happy to bring you our essays. We have to wait until early April for the results before we can publish our entries here, it's part of the contest rules, but stay tuned... In the meantime, check out this INCREDIBLE group of women who have come together in collaboration and celebration of all women, their talents and dreams. They do AMAZING things! www.abandofwives.com. (It is their "Truth in Words" contest that we enthusiastically entered.)

As always, thank you for your support. We love you!


Holly and Jenn

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