D.C. Update

A few of you have asked for an update on my anti-D.C. campaign. Well, it's been twelve loooonnnggg days and I'm feeling GREAT! Except for the fact that I miss my friend like the summer misses its long, lingering days. Like a mother misses her youngest on the first day of preschool. Like a fourteen year old misses her iPhone when she's grounded. I MISS D.C. that much!

But, I don't miss the fear of cancer with every sip. I don't miss the sugar cravings that D.C. seemed to exacerbate. And I don't miss the headaches that came if I waited too long for my fix. It's nice that I don't have to play that game with my health. I'm staying focused on the upsides. They say that helps.

So I hope your outlining and goal-setting helped you close in on something that's making you a BETTER you. Whatever it may be, keep on keeping on. I believe in you!


Holly and Jenn

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