Our First Critique: FORGED

Yes, we are still writing our book. In fact, our precious baby is currently in the hands of a very talented and very generous editor, Alyssa Archer. We found her through the podcast, Writership, where she and Leslie Watts critique, advise and cheer on emerging authors like us.

Last year, after some feedback from writerly folks, we decided to re-write the book as Young Adult rather than adult/new adult fiction. Then, as many of you know, Holly had a medical set back that took her off the project for close to eight months. But the rewriting commenced this spring and we are in the process of developing book two and preparing to pitch the series once we get it back from Alyssa. Quite a process, yes, but we are determined.

If you're at all interested in hearing how things are going, please enjoy this 30-minute podcast where OUR WORDS actually come to life and our first chapter is read/critiqued. Friends, you have been so encouraging and we appreciate all of the good thoughts directed our way. Never give up your dreams...we believe in YOU too!

Happy listening! WRITERSHIP, Episode 62: FORGED {J}

Holly and Jenn

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