Happy Christ...er...Thanksgiving!

It's almost Christmas!! I mean...Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is great. What is better than getting together with family and friends and eating allthefood and spending time NOT working or doing the regular schedule. That is ALL great stuff. I am so grateful. But Christmas...is my JAM.

So, when I start listening to Christmas music the day after Halloween it's not because I drank the Kool-aid. I want the feeling of the Spirit of Christmas to start as soon as possible! This does not include the commercial Christmas. The one that encourages the spending of all the money and making of all the lists of all the things. I don't want to get an Amazon toy catalog in the mail in August. That gives me anxiety. No one appreciates an anxious me. My husband will attest to that.

I firmly believe that each holiday deserves to have its own time to be recognized for the fun and goodness that it brings. I would like to enjoy the spookiness of Halloween until the 31st of October. And like I mentioned, Thanksgiving = goodfoodandgoodfriends. But for me, the Spirit of Christmas is something I wish to practice all year long. Nat King Cole helps me get in the mood.

When I can tune in my car radio (thank you SiriusXM) and hear O Holy Night by Andy Williams or Frank Sinatra belting out White Christmas it warms my heart.

So, I haven't forgotten about Thanksgiving and taking the time to be grateful for all of the amazing things God is doing for me and my people. I will be enjoying my turkey and stuffing and waiting for pecan pie (because no other pie is better) whilst listening to Silent Night and wishing that it would snow in this little part of Southern California (a girl can dream).

Happy Thanksgiving to all our readers out there. We wish you a season of counting your blessings, being a blessing to others, and carrying the Spirit of Christmas with you all year long! Lord knows the world could use a little more joy.


Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

Holly and Jenn

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