The Six Sisters

Characters. Sometimes they just show up on the scene and you have to step aside and watch them dance.

We had no idea Emily had so many half-sisters. She met them recently. We did too.

  1. Jilaya is the youngest. She wishes she was a vampire. She's working on it. Don't sit too close or she may try to bite you.
  2. Lilyth says she can manipulate the weather. If you doubt her, even in your thoughts, some sort of storm is sure to descend. That's her proof.
  3. Casdeya. She's a poison master. Watch out if you see her mixing anything.
  4. Mara is the teller of dark stories, the cause of nightmares. Beware.
  5. Her twin, Nimu, is the prettiest one. If you wrong her, she will steal your lover.
  6. Jezebeth. She can twist the truth like no other. She's passed every lie-detector test she's ever taken. 
Can't wait for you to meet them...

Holly and Jenn

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