Keeping It Messy - New Podcast Episode

Hi friends,

November is the month of gratitude and we are very thankful for the love and support of our creative endeavors, like BOOK 2!!! Cuz November is also NaNoWriMo and we're 10,000 words into our second book. (Our goal is 50,000 words this month but we've been busy.) 

Today, we reflect on wedding-planning (JK...just Holly's Mike's 50th birthday party which was like a wedding), and birthdays, and parenting teenagers, and moving, and all.the.things. Just a few of the reasons we haven't recorded a new episode in a loooooonnnngggg while. But we hope you enjoy this one. It's short and sweet and we wrap it up with things we're thankful for.

Please share...what are you thankful for? 


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Holly and Jenn

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