#PITMAD Hash-out Session

CITY OF BONES+THRONE OF GLASS Heirs to opposing thrones (shhh-they don’t know yet), a regular girl and a regular guy question who they are and whether their crumbling world is worth fighting for or if they should just fight for each other. In the end, our modern-day princess and prince will find out you can’t always expect a happy ending. #PitMad #YA #F

Hidden in the Vale for 16 years, Emily has no idea who she really is. Loving John seems like her only purpose. When forced to take the throne of Avarica-her home, she needs to make a choice: her kingdom or her John, heir to her enemy realm. In the end, our princess and prince will learn you don’t always get a happy ending.

Emily and John have been hidden in another realm all their lives. So they have no idea that they’re really heirs to opposing thrones. That might mess up their relationship. 

Emily thinks her life is boring. Then the Shade happens. And John happens. And things aren’t boring anymore. But how did she not have a clue that she was different? Heiress to the throne of a foreign realm? Couldn’t things just go back to being boring again? #PitMad #YAFantasy 

John has met the girl of his dreams just as the world is falling apart. He has lost too much and when faced with losing her forever, nothing will stop him from rescuing her. Not even who she has become: his greatest foe - the Dark Queen. #PitMad #YAFantasy

What if happily ever after looked more like the end of the world? When Emily and John meet during an eclipse the earth moves, literally. In the midst of their whirlwind romance, Emily is kidnapped to the Dark Realm. John sets out to rescue her only to find he’s heir to the Throne of Light and Emily is his mortal enemy. #PitMad #YAFantasy

Emily thinks her life is boring. Until the Shade happens. And John happens. But she can’t believe what she finds out about herself: Heiress to the throne of a foreign realm? Will John join her or will the Realm Wars prove that happy endings are a big, fat lie? #PitMad #YAFantasy 

The Realm Wars have raged for eons but only now are they messing with John’s world. When the girl he’s falling for is kidnapped to Avarica, he’ll fight whoever he must to find her. Even when she becomes his greatest enemy: the Dark Queen. #PitMad #YA #F CITY OF BONES+THRONE OF GLASS

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