Fall Writing Updates and Back-to-School Prepping

Happy Fall y'all!! 

Holly and I were able to get away this weekend for the first time since February! We zoomed with our awesome writing critique group on Saturday which was the perfect kick-off to our editing weekend. Thank you Melissa, Lisa, Daniel, and Tristan for helping us resolve a prologue dispute. (We really hope this is the last version of our prologue that you will have to endure.) 

There's lots going on these days but sometimes, a quick getaway to regroup and invest in a passion project does just the trick. We hope you can find a way to care for yourself in a similar fashion. It's essential in times like these. 

If you want to hear more about our recent writing endeavors and our thoughts on books, shows, and back-to-school prepping, please enjoy our new podcast episode

Hope you're all staying well and sane! 

{Jenn & Holly}

#keepitmessy #critiquegroupsarethebomb #loveandpeaceandgrace  

Image cred: Alex Geerts on Unsplash
Holly and Jenn

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