Better Late Than Never ... #oneword 2023

Happy belated New Year friends! 2023 marks the 10th year of this blog and the writing partnership Holly and I began when our babies were truly babies and our passion project was our sanity. We have grown, we have changed, and we have endured. For this, I am so grateful.

So a little bit ago, we had our New-Year-New-Intentions dinner at one of our favorite spots: Nick's in San Clemente. (If you haven't tried the Salty Pear Martini, you are missing out on something magical. Go. Enjoy. You're welcome.) 

Anyway, at the beginning of every year, sometimes closer to the first than others, we gather our thoughts and our desires and brainstorm ALLTHEWRITERLYTHINGS. It's a perfect way to center ourselves and reorient our personal and writing goals. 

So, back to Nick's and martinis, which, by the way, offer some great inspiration...that's when Holly revealed her #oneword. (It's soooo'll hear from her soon.) And I sat baffled because, my word was alluding me. Actually, I had several words swimming around my head and they were mostly of the pessimistic variety, I.e.: overwhelmed, uninspired, discombobulated, afraid, unsure. Don't those sound fun? 

Thankfully, my genius writing partner has a Master's degree in Psychology and she was able to help me process the thoughts. It came down to this: if I want to actively begin publishing blog posts + marketing our book projects, then I have to actively re-engage with social media.  

(Aside: I've been mostly off social media for about two years, not for any particular reason but it's been centering, restorative, and all-sorts-of easy. And the thought of maintaining it all again feels a little daunting. Lovely to see everyone more, but still, daunting. Maybe it's just me.) 

But I'm trying to look at tip-toeing back into FB and IG and T and P as a purposeful and meaningful venture. In the past, social media was so much of how we managed the things relating to kids: social or sport or school events that they (perhaps) forgot to tell me about. Or Ladera Moms to make sure they weren't up to shenanigans (so glad to be out of that stage!). But with young adults managing their own stuff, the need-to-know is beautifully less.

Also, I'll let you into a little secret: I have a personal goal of being an agented writer by the time I'm 50. Which, close. Which means we need to get our book-baby back into the world, and into the right hands. (And it's been's been feels soooo ready!! Holly and I are ready!

So, thank you for following my train of thought and being patient. I really wanted to share the path that led me to my #oneword. I wanted to invite you in. It's part of being OPEN. Open to opportunities = open to criticism. Open to chances = open to success, but also = open to failure.

But OPEN, nonetheless, is my #oneword for 2023. 

I'm ready 2023. I'm here. I'm OPEN.

Friends, you may see us around a little more than you have and we appreciate your warm hugs. Community is what makes life special. Connection is essential. Even in seasons when we take a break to hibernate and process all of life's little and BIG changes. 

So, tell me, what's your #oneword for 2023? Whatever it is, we're cheering you on as you embrace it. 

All the love,

{J & H}


Image credit: Photo by James Lee on Unsplash

Holly and Jenn

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